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I drove the car for a while as a VW based kit car, Then built a tube frame and made a terrifying 500 Cubic inch V8 monster, now it is time to do something completely different. I am building a Geo Montage, or Manta Metro, whatever you want to call it. When the car was a VW it was easy to work on but had no reliability and was not much fun to drive with the stock VW setup. The 500 in it was much faster and I doubt there is anything on the road that could have beat it but I would have probably ran into a tree at 200mph in it if I would have kept driving it. The car was not really better in this configuration. It had a much safer frame and better brakes but it just wasn’t a nice car to drive. It was also a nightmare of random parts so when something broke it took forever to figure out what car it came from in order to get a replacement. It was usually easier to just redo it with some other random parts.Now my current plan is a bit different than most people who own a kit car like this but that is what makes it good. My goal is to make it as close to 100% mechanically a Geo Metro with all parts not custom made just stock Metro parts. This solves the reliability and ease of repair problems I have had in the past. The Geo engine is not faster than the VW by any significant margin but the Canadian version came with a turbo option and I will be trying to fit that onto my car. And the last thing will be I will try and fix some of the bad design in the car and make it a much more comfortable and fun daily driver. When I get done I want standard features like air conditioning and cruise control, I want to be able to drive it for 6 hours without killing myself, I want to be able to drive it in all weather conditions so a good heater and wipers are needed. I also want to get excellent mileage. The stock Metro with a few mods can easily get 60mpg I am hoping to beat 70mpg with normal driving. Once I add the hybrid drive system I built in a previous car to this one I should be able to get 100mpg daily driving as long as I remember to plug it in at night to recharge.

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