Rear suspension is assembled and some paint on the frame rails to protect it.

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  1. Nick says:

    WOW! this is the exact same setup I had in mind! my mom got my montage for me three years ago, and i just have started workin on it. I just turned 19 and I waited til after high school to start on it. the only thing different that i was planning was a corvette front suspension, but I like your way, and it seems more cost efficient. The only problem I have is: the frame. The car came on a VW beetle chassis, and i have to take the body off to measure and whatnot. Question for you, from your personal experience, how difficult was the custom tubular frame to build? It probably seems like an amature question, but this is my first kit car build. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreiciated. Thanks and awesome build!!