Here is the bottom of the frame finished and located properly.

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  1. Giuliano says:

    Hello Rick,
    nice job!
    Me too I`m converting my Manta into a V8 Montage. I use a 350 Chevy comletly restored (you can see the first starting on youtube typing CHEVY 350 COYOTE X).
    I connected it with a Audi 01E gearbox (4WD converted in 2WD) and I have a complete 3D design of the car, if you send me your email I`ll post pics of the design and the status of art. Space frame is going to be made myself in stainless steel, front axle taken from a BMW 525 deeply modified and all the ather parts are mad by cutting and welding.
    Hope to get in contact with you to exchange technical ideas!!

    PS whare do you live?? I` m in Italy not far from Milan…