Welcome to the page for my Manta Montage. The history of this car is rather interesting. It was the first car pulled off the molds when production of the Montage started. The old pinstriping was done by “Shaky Jake,” who was legendary for his ability to paint the stripes free-hand without taping. The car was used as a demonstrator and sat on the showroom floor for awhile. It was also used for the original sales brochure. Unfortunately, the car slowly went downhill, and when I got it, it was in rough shape. I don’t know what happened to the car from the time it went from being the demo car till I got hold of it other than a few facts I have picked up here and there, so if anyone knows anything about it, let me know. I do have one picture of this car with a sb chevy stuck in it; that probably explains the big hole that was in the trunk when I got it :)

engine Check out the restoration pages for a listing of all the work that was done to the car in order to get it back in road-worthy condition. The V8 conversion pages show changing the car from VW powered to a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine.

I recently started working on the car again. I am changing motors, the 500 was just a bit more power than any sane person would need. I will be changing just about everything about the car this time. I am wanting to make a very good car that can be driven daily and still have good performance and comfort. I plan on having very good mileage, comfortable interior with enough creature comforts for a 10 hour drive, and ultimately adding power to it until it has enough performance to satisfy me.

Right now I am trying to get the new drivetrain in the car and get the basic work done to the car to make it a capable daily driver. Once that is done I will be adding more to it including a hybrid drive system and a turbo.

Jul 08 2015 – Wiper Assembly Installed

Mar 29 2013 – Pedals remounted and starting on wipers

Mar 24 2013 – Firewall and pedal mounting started.

Mar 22 2013 – Back half of the floor area built

Mar 21 2013 – Starting on the floor

Feb 16 2013 – Body lifted 1 inch

Aug 07 2012 – Gas tank, floor, and radiator installed

Aug 06 2012 – Shifter installed

Aug 04 2012 – CV axles installed

Aug 02 2012 – Gas tank finished

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